Holistic Therapy for children

Adults have long been exploring the healing art of holistic therapies to help alleviate their nagging health problems and to help their body become more balanced. Yet we are all aware that children suffer too. So why are we not offering our children the same chance to heal and rebalance their little bodies. Many holistic modes of healing are available that could make a major difference to their day to day living. Traditional East Asian medicine has been using techniques on children for centuries. Here at Gail’s holistic clinic there is a host of healing techniques that could be used on our children with success.

From Acupuncture , Ear acupuncture, Moxibustion, Korean Hand Therapy, Kinesio taping to Shonishin (Japanese Acupuncture for Children) which is not invasive and does not use needles. A practitioner of Shonishin uses a special tool (see below) that is used on the children with a series of tapping and scraping on the skin at a certain beat. The younger the child the faster the beat. That tapping etc resonates through the many layers of the skin to receptors under the skin to move the energy and balance the Ying and Yang.

(Above are the tools used in Shonishin)

Children’s energy meridians do not function quite like adults in the very early years until their body framework is upright and they start walking. Often the Yang energy dominates and the Ying energy is depleted as they are growing fast. So often this is when their health shows imbalances.

A general treatment can be very

helpful for supporting your childrens vital energy and health.

Author: eellsabub1

Trained as a nurse and a midwife for many years, although still working as a practising midwife I am set to retire this year. in December I will then be concentrating throughly on my own holistic therapy clinic. This clinic serves to offer a holistic way of healing to all us for people from the newborn upwards. Many of the joneries I have studied can be be used on both children and adults, however my Shonashin is particularly for children. We all want our children to be well and healthy as well as happy parents. I am looking forward to finally being able to commit my time to my own interests and dedicating time to my clinic.

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