How can Holistic Therapies help in pregnancy.

As a mum of 4 boys and a midwife for 15 years I know that being an expectant Mummy is not always

an easy ride. The body has to cope with those ravaging pregnancy hormones that alters your taste, makes you feel sick or nauseous, changes you skin, and as your bump grows bigger and heavier you pelvis and lower back can really shout at you under the strain. Well do not struggle for 9 months as holistic therapies can help. Here at Gail ‘s Holistic Therapies in Rothley I offer many treatments that can help alleviate those pregnancy health conditions.

Acupuncture and Korean hand therapy (if you do not like needles) can alleviate morning sickness plus other pregnancy induced problems, and kinesio taping can help reduce pelvic pain low back pain and sciatica. Acupuncture can be delivered safely in pregnancy and Korean hand therapy treatments can be taken to the home situation for continuing self treatment. We all want to enjoy those 9 glorious months carrying your precious baby so do not suffer needlessly get in touch for help and advice. Please Call Gail on 07377881418 or contact via my website or FB page.

Author: eellsabub1

Trained as a nurse and a midwife for many years, although still working as a practising midwife I am set to retire this year. in December I will then be concentrating throughly on my own holistic therapy clinic. This clinic serves to offer a holistic way of healing to all us for people from the newborn upwards. Many of the joneries I have studied can be be used on both children and adults, however my Shonashin is particularly for children. We all want our children to be well and healthy as well as happy parents. I am looking forward to finally being able to commit my time to my own interests and dedicating time to my clinic.

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