Hello and welcome to my 5th blog for Gail’sholistic therapies.

Many people may be well aware that 2017 is a significant year in the course of my working

life. Not only for creating my own holistic therapy business in my sixties, but moreover that I will finally retire from my life’s work within the NHS. Firstly as a general registered nurse of 30 years and as a midwife of 15 years. Actually I will be 1 month off 46 years in total. Both careers have created memories of both of immense sadness but also complete joy. I have worked through so many changes in our National Health Service.

For the better i have witnessed some amazing changes in medical practice, many that have allowed us to prolong life with new medicines and new surgical techniques. A great example of how the two worlds of nursing and midwifery have noticed the impact is when I first worked on a children’s cardiac ward in the 1970’s. Such was the lack of medical knowledge in cardiac surgery that as nurses we christened most of our babies and children before their surgery as 75% of them never made it. Yet now as midwife I am regularly looking after women who have had major heart surgery now having their own babies. Yet In other ways I have seen what some may consider as the destruction of our NHS where there is more work, more patients and less staff.

But I am not dwelling on things I cannot change in the world of healing, I am now focusing on using traditional East Asian methods to help people stay well and ease problems from existing health problems using some amazing techniques and producing great results . So God willing that I stay well enough to carry on working my years in healing my total may go well over 50 years. Phew …… please do take time and continue to follow my blogs on my journey.

Author: eellsabub1

Trained as a nurse and a midwife for many years, although still working as a practising midwife I am set to retire this year. in December I will then be concentrating throughly on my own holistic therapy clinic. This clinic serves to offer a holistic way of healing to all us for people from the newborn upwards. Many of the joneries I have studied can be be used on both children and adults, however my Shonashin is particularly for children. We all want our children to be well and healthy as well as happy parents. I am looking forward to finally being able to commit my time to my own interests and dedicating time to my clinic.

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