My 1st blog for Gail’s Holistic Therapies.

Hello and welcome to my first blog. My name Is Gail Williams and  I am the owner and practitioner of Gail’s Holistic Therapies. My brand new therapy room is opening in Rothley, Leicestershire. I am a trained Nurse/Midwife of many years, but it was when I was struggling with my health issues that I tried acupuncture and craniotomy sacral therapy. I was so inspired on how quickly I responded to the treatments that I made a decision to train in holistic therapies myself. Quite frankly I was hooked!

 I started my training with Korean Hand Therapy  (KHT) tutored by Dr Jong Baik of Darlington. Besides being an educator of Traditional East Asian Medicine himself, Jong has for many years successfully used KHT to treat patients at the local hospice to cope with varying problems related to their cancer treatment. In KHT the hand reflects the body as a micro system both on the front and back of the hand. One of the ways to treat is to use the corresponding points on the hand which allows the practitioner to treat acute and chronic pain etc either with micro acupuncture or non invasive press pellets and magnets. This gentle and effective treatment tonifies or reduces symptoms to allow the body to rebalance and restore health.

I have continued to learn more holistic healing techniques with Jong plus other tutors around the country.  Having now trained in varying modes of healing it now affords me the opportunity to offers clients a host of different modalities of Traditional East Asian Medicine such as Body acupuncture, Korean Hand Therapy, Auricular therapy, cupping plus other methods dependant on the health problems clients are struggling to deal with. 

All these methods of healing used are hundreds of years old and are well established treatments in their own right however they can also be used together for greater healing effect. Furthermore the treatments sit comfortably along side our current forms of westernised medicine. Once some treatments have been established then clients are encouraged carry on their healing in the home situation To build on the restoring and rebalancing of their own health and well-being.

Many of the aforementioned treatments could be used successfully on our children both newborn, through toddler years to young teenagers. However a form of acupuncture dating back to the 17 th  century was designed specifically for children by the Japanese called Shonashin. Translation is literally  (children’s needle).

Shon=child, an=little, shin=needle.

In September 2016 I was lucky enough to secure a training place in London to train in Shonashin with Thomas Wernike. Thomas is a licensed GP and one of the leading authorities of  Shonashin. He is also a member of the society of Japanese Acupunturists. He developed a course which practitioners such as myself could develop the appropriate skills required to practice the art of Shonashin in our own practice. So I am super excited to start using this gentle and unique way of healing for newborn babies that may have developed problems from birth onwards i.e. Delayed feeding issues, colic, sleep patterns etc, through to the developing toddler associated problems such as bed wetting, sleep problems etc.  Beyond to the early teenage years. These could be emotional or physical issues or both.

Whatever physical or emotional  health challenges family and friends are facing, one or more of these healing methods offered could bring a sense restoration and health rebalance. Everybody deserves to feel well and happy As we know that modern life is stressful and takes its toll on our health and wellbeing. So even if you just want a bit of pampering  and me time try some cosmetic rejuvenation with Gua Sha and facial massage with shoulder and neck cupping for a pick me up, or restore and rebalance acute or chronic issues please get in touch. Do not struggle.

If you have found my page interesting please like and share. I look forward to updating you as to the imminent opening of my therapy room and watch out for a full list of treatments offered in more detail. My official website will be up and running very soon under Gail’s Holistic Therapies. Please also note that the former site hands4harmonisinghealth is to be deleted.

thanks Gail.

Author: eellsabub1

Trained as a nurse and a midwife for many years, although still working as a practising midwife I am set to retire this year. in December I will then be concentrating throughly on my own holistic therapy clinic. This clinic serves to offer a holistic way of healing to all us for people from the newborn upwards. Many of the joneries I have studied can be be used on both children and adults, however my Shonashin is particularly for children. We all want our children to be well and healthy as well as happy parents. I am looking forward to finally being able to commit my time to my own interests and dedicating time to my clinic.


  1. Gail is a professional, friendly, knowledgable, competent practitioner who epitomises the true meaning of ‘holistic’.
    She takes a thorough history of your condition before she plans and delivers a selection of therapies designed to give you individual and effective treatment of your particular case.
    I have had multiple problems, including rheumatoid arthritis, prolapsed intervertebral disc, chronic pain, anxiety and depression.
    I can’t recommend Gail highly enough. Each treatment was tailor made to give me maximum benefit on each occasion .
    She has used acupuncture, moxibustion and electrical stimulation to give me substantial relief from my conditions.
    I look forward to visiting Gail’s new therapy room in the very near future.
    Thank you .

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  2. I must admit that I was rather sceptical of alternative therapies but decided to see if I could get some relief from a very painful old shoulder injury. I was getting minimal relief from prescription painkillers and was still in pain despite performing the exercises my physiotherapist had prescribed at the time of my injury.
    My wife was already receiving treatment from Gail and found her therapies highly beneficial .
    Gail took a comprehensive history from me and decided that I would benefit most from acupuncture and kinaesthetic taping.
    Well what can I say, the relief was enormous and almost instant.
    I would urge anyone in pain to consider acupuncture and it’s adjunctive therapies.

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