img_0381Finally I get around to blog no 7. I know things have been quiet on the gail’sholistictherapies site since Christmas. Generally things have been quite as I had the flu in January so was out of action, then since that time I have been working on a side line of the holistic business with my healing crystals. So I am now on Facebook, or advertising locally in the free adds and spotted village pages as well as attending Holistic fairs. So look for EARTHSTARSBYGAIL. Crystal healing is very much a part of the holistic healing journey and for me crystals were the first healing programme I got into when my journey started in 2000. Crystals apart though I am very much still committed to my acupuncture, Korean hand therapy etc. I have at present have a new advertisement out in the Soar Valley Life free paper running till May. Further to this and thanks to my other half Mr Williams I know have a new A board for passing traffic so advertising is not slowing down. 

So here we are now in the Spring of 2018 and it will not be long before we are heading for the summer holidays. Plans will be being made for the new clothes to take with you and make you feel good etc. But how about some facial rejuvenation to help you look ready for summer and feel fully refreshed before you go.

Gail’sholistictherapies offers a fully relaxing package for a Facial Rejuvenation which consist of;

Upper back and neck essential oil massage,

Fire cupping to release any tension. ( shows on the face but if your going away very soon after treatment I would leave that because of the marks)

Essential rose oil applied to the face then Gua Sha performed with ROSE QUARTZ HEALING CRYSTAL TOOLS to smooth the lines and wrinkles and open the facial meridians to heal. Further scalp meridian massage. I then use mini cups for lymphatic drainage and increased circulation. Finishing with a JADE CRYSTAL roller the skin.

For the last part of the session I perform a mini facial using high end anti-ageing products by ELEMIS. You will receive a luxurious facial wash using their PRO COLLAGEN CLEANSING BALM. Their REHYDRATING GINSENG TONER, finishing off with PRO COLLAGEN MARINE CREAM ANTI AGEING MOISTURISER.

This treatment session lasts an hour and costs £25.00 and for April/ May only anyone who books two treatments or more will receive one of EARTHSTARSBYGAIL unique anti ageing healing crystals set. (See EarthstarsbyGail Facebook page for more details on the crystals or contact me for the details in full. These beautiful healing crystals will aid the continuation of the anti ageing post treatment for as long as you use them, but cleanse them regularly.


REMEMBER THIS OFFER IS FOR APRIL AND MAY ONLY. CALL GAIL ON 07377881418 contact via Facebook or website http://www.gailsholistictherapies.com.

Holistic Therapy for children

Adults have long been exploring the healing art of holistic therapies to help alleviate their nagging health problems and to help their body become more balanced. Yet we are all aware that children suffer too. So why are we not offering our children the same chance to heal and rebalance their little bodies. Many holistic modes of healing are available that could make a major difference to their day to day living. Traditional East Asian medicine has been using techniques on children for centuries. Here at Gail’s holistic clinic there is a host of healing techniques that could be used on our children with success.

From Acupuncture , Ear acupuncture, Moxibustion, Korean Hand Therapy, Kinesio taping to Shonishin (Japanese Acupuncture for Children) which is not invasive and does not use needles. A practitioner of Shonishin uses a special tool (see below) that is used on the children with a series of tapping and scraping on the skin at a certain beat. The younger the child the faster the beat. That tapping etc resonates through the many layers of the skin to receptors under the skin to move the energy and balance the Ying and Yang.

(Above are the tools used in Shonishin)

Children’s energy meridians do not function quite like adults in the very early years until their body framework is upright and they start walking. Often the Yang energy dominates and the Ying energy is depleted as they are growing fast. So often this is when their health shows imbalances.

A general treatment can be very

helpful for supporting your childrens vital energy and health.

How can Holistic Therapies help in pregnancy.

As a mum of 4 boys and a midwife for 15 years I know that being an expectant Mummy is not always

an easy ride. The body has to cope with those ravaging pregnancy hormones that alters your taste, makes you feel sick or nauseous, changes you skin, and as your bump grows bigger and heavier you pelvis and lower back can really shout at you under the strain. Well do not struggle for 9 months as holistic therapies can help. Here at Gail ‘s Holistic Therapies in Rothley I offer many treatments that can help alleviate those pregnancy health conditions.

Acupuncture and Korean hand therapy (if you do not like needles) can alleviate morning sickness plus other pregnancy induced problems, and kinesio taping can help reduce pelvic pain low back pain and sciatica. Acupuncture can be delivered safely in pregnancy and Korean hand therapy treatments can be taken to the home situation for continuing self treatment. We all want to enjoy those 9 glorious months carrying your precious baby so do not suffer needlessly get in touch for help and advice. Please Call Gail on 07377881418 or contact via my website or FB page.

Hello and welcome to my 5th blog for Gail’sholistic therapies.

Many people may be well aware that 2017 is a significant year in the course of my working

life. Not only for creating my own holistic therapy business in my sixties, but moreover that I will finally retire from my life’s work within the NHS. Firstly as a general registered nurse of 30 years and as a midwife of 15 years. Actually I will be 1 month off 46 years in total. Both careers have created memories of both of immense sadness but also complete joy. I have worked through so many changes in our National Health Service.

For the better i have witnessed some amazing changes in medical practice, many that have allowed us to prolong life with new medicines and new surgical techniques. A great example of how the two worlds of nursing and midwifery have noticed the impact is when I first worked on a children’s cardiac ward in the 1970’s. Such was the lack of medical knowledge in cardiac surgery that as nurses we christened most of our babies and children before their surgery as 75% of them never made it. Yet now as midwife I am regularly looking after women who have had major heart surgery now having their own babies. Yet In other ways I have seen what some may consider as the destruction of our NHS where there is more work, more patients and less staff.

But I am not dwelling on things I cannot change in the world of healing, I am now focusing on using traditional East Asian methods to help people stay well and ease problems from existing health problems using some amazing techniques and producing great results . So God willing that I stay well enough to carry on working my years in healing my total may go well over 50 years. Phew …… please do take time and continue to follow my blogs on my journey.


Hi and good evening, welcome to my 3rd blog on the eve of the biggest day of my life. Tomorrow my own therapy clinic will officially open for appointments. AT first I am offering appointments for 3 full days until I retire fully from the NHS. Do I believe that it is really happening, that I am actually the owner/practitioner of this little business. It is a massive move to be preparing to steer away from being employed by the largest employers in the United Kingdom (45 years) to owning my own little business where I am still caring and helping people heal from health problems. However healing is achieved in a completely different way of any previous health training I have ever undertaken for Nursing and Midwifery. Traditional East Asian Medicine is thousands of years old but treatments work even where westernised medicine has failed in some way. This is mind blowing for me and I am eager to offer a chance for people who are struggling with health issues that are holding them back from enjoying a feeling of wellbeing. If you or any of your friends and family are interested in any treatments that I offer please give me a ring and I can tell you a little more about available treatments. Try it, I did and I was amazed how 2 sessions of treatment restored a major part of my health problems prior to surgery. Hence why I have trained in many joneres of traditional East Asian medicine myself so I can help others restore their health and wellbeing both physically and emotionally.
Ring on 07377881418, Facebook page gail’sholistictherapies or e-mail me at http://www.gail’sholistictherapies@worldpress.com.


My 1st blog for Gail’s Holistic Therapies.

Hello and welcome to my first blog. My name Is Gail Williams and  I am the owner and practitioner of Gail’s Holistic Therapies. My brand new therapy room is opening in Rothley, Leicestershire. I am a trained Nurse/Midwife of many years, but it was when I was struggling with my health issues that I tried acupuncture and craniotomy sacral therapy. I was so inspired on how quickly I responded to the treatments that I made a decision to train in holistic therapies myself. Quite frankly I was hooked!

 I started my training with Korean Hand Therapy  (KHT) tutored by Dr Jong Baik of Darlington. Besides being an educator of Traditional East Asian Medicine himself, Jong has for many years successfully used KHT to treat patients at the local hospice to cope with varying problems related to their cancer treatment. In KHT the hand reflects the body as a micro system both on the front and back of the hand. One of the ways to treat is to use the corresponding points on the hand which allows the practitioner to treat acute and chronic pain etc either with micro acupuncture or non invasive press pellets and magnets. This gentle and effective treatment tonifies or reduces symptoms to allow the body to rebalance and restore health.

I have continued to learn more holistic healing techniques with Jong plus other tutors around the country.  Having now trained in varying modes of healing it now affords me the opportunity to offers clients a host of different modalities of Traditional East Asian Medicine such as Body acupuncture, Korean Hand Therapy, Auricular therapy, cupping plus other methods dependant on the health problems clients are struggling to deal with. 

All these methods of healing used are hundreds of years old and are well established treatments in their own right however they can also be used together for greater healing effect. Furthermore the treatments sit comfortably along side our current forms of westernised medicine. Once some treatments have been established then clients are encouraged carry on their healing in the home situation To build on the restoring and rebalancing of their own health and well-being.

Many of the aforementioned treatments could be used successfully on our children both newborn, through toddler years to young teenagers. However a form of acupuncture dating back to the 17 th  century was designed specifically for children by the Japanese called Shonashin. Translation is literally  (children’s needle).

Shon=child, an=little, shin=needle.

In September 2016 I was lucky enough to secure a training place in London to train in Shonashin with Thomas Wernike. Thomas is a licensed GP and one of the leading authorities of  Shonashin. He is also a member of the society of Japanese Acupunturists. He developed a course which practitioners such as myself could develop the appropriate skills required to practice the art of Shonashin in our own practice. So I am super excited to start using this gentle and unique way of healing for newborn babies that may have developed problems from birth onwards i.e. Delayed feeding issues, colic, sleep patterns etc, through to the developing toddler associated problems such as bed wetting, sleep problems etc.  Beyond to the early teenage years. These could be emotional or physical issues or both.

Whatever physical or emotional  health challenges family and friends are facing, one or more of these healing methods offered could bring a sense restoration and health rebalance. Everybody deserves to feel well and happy As we know that modern life is stressful and takes its toll on our health and wellbeing. So even if you just want a bit of pampering  and me time try some cosmetic rejuvenation with Gua Sha and facial massage with shoulder and neck cupping for a pick me up, or restore and rebalance acute or chronic issues please get in touch. Do not struggle.

If you have found my page interesting please like and share. I look forward to updating you as to the imminent opening of my therapy room and watch out for a full list of treatments offered in more detail. My official website will be up and running very soon under Gail’s Holistic Therapies. Please also note that the former site hands4harmonisinghealth is to be deleted.

thanks Gail.